ColourPop cosmetics~My trial

I thought I would try some make-up products from ColourPop since I've seen some reviews and hype over them on YouTube.
What I got:
Megan Naik colab: 4 eye shadows. The colors are Onai, Amira, Farah, and Lectra.
While these eye shadows are very pigmented and labeled as "super shock", I found them less than shocking. They are a hard to describe creamy/powder shadow. I had a hard time getting them to look as pigmented on the skin as they do in the pot.
I tried applying them with and without a primer, however I did not try them with a base color underneath to start. But I can't really see the point of putting on a primer, then a color, then another color over it, to make it stand out. If the shadow does not hold its own, what's the point in using it?
On to the lip products I tried.
~Frida~ a color colab with "Coffee break with Dani", who BTW, I love to watch on Youtube.
And Brink~I ordered the lippie stix and the thin lined lippie pencil. Seeing this color as more of a neutral, and thinking that I would get more use out of it.
Frida is a bit more towards the warm side on me. The lip products I can sum up as just average. They are matte, and not very moisturizing, so if you have dry lips, you might not like how these apply.
I'm still playing around with the eye shadows, to try and find what works in application. Overall, I feel these products are geared toward a youthful, trendy consumer. For me, I think they missed the mark.

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