Just a short note

Ah, my clean work space. I finally got rid of all the paper, notes, plastic bags, and partially done projects. And you know what? I think I can work better here now.
Shocker, isn't it? :)
I do love it when I'm organized! There's my little fan to keep me cool while I create. On the other side is my computer. You know what's great? I can watch (or mostly listen) to Netflix (movies or TV shows) while I work.
Here's a couple of new items:

"Harry Potter" themed earrings. Now the funny thing is, I posted them in my Etsy shop on Wednesday, went out and showed them to a friend and SOLD! Wow, no one even got to see them! So there you go.

This "Floral splendor" bracelet I added today. Now there is a matching necklace, that I hoped to have finished today, but as we speak, it and another bracelet are tumbling.
So you'll have to wait for those. (New and exciting pieces coming!!!!)
Oh, I forgot I made some brass hoops earlier in the week. They look like gold.

Now who is this? It's Achilles, our youngest cat. Boy is he getting big! And getting into stuff as usual. He got this tape stuck on him from who knows where and wouldn't let me catch him!
Well, Benn should be getting in from work any time now, so I'm off to cook dinner. We are having tacos tonight. Yum!


Anonymous said…
Those earrings are very Harry Potter. Stunning!!! The hoops are terrific Cindy. You cat is very sleek and handsome as well. Have a great weekend!
cindy said…
Thank you Lisa,
It's great to hear from you!

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