How to work a business on a zero budget

Yes, you heard me, a zero dollar budget. Call me frugal, if you will-I tend to invest my money in good, high quality supplies for my jewelry. And I try not to spend ANY money on just about anything I don't have to. So I thought I'd share a few tips.
Business plan? Should I have one? Yes, but do I? No. I have discovered FREE small business counseling: SCORE. You may also want to check with your local library; as I have found FREE counseling sessons available there too.
Speaking of the library; this is the best place to find any information you could want. From business planning to how-to-make anything books and guides, this is the place.
There are also some great blog sources for small businesses, DIY, craft businesses, and jewelry. I have some of my favorites posted in the side bar(you may need to scroll down a bit)------------------------->
Rena Klingenberg's blogs are a favorite of mine, and another one where you can find free advice for your Etsy shop is My craft assistant.

I have taken some expensive classes to learn some jewelry making techniques, but I find that, for me, I learn better on my own. So borrowing those books from the library works here again. You can also find FREE tutorials on-line at these sites:
Jewelry making daily
Jewelry lessons; search for FREE tutorials
Cool Tools/metal clay videos
You can also find FREE tutorials on most jewelry or art magazines' websites.

Need a pricing formula to price your work?
Laura Bracken has one here. O.K., not totally free but really priceless!

Where do you get your show and display items? Now some things you just can't avoid payng for, say, like a Pop-up tent. But you may be able to find some used equipment on Craig's list.

I have found many cheap items to use for displays in Goodwill, or thrift shops. Other crafters have told me that they have found stuff thrown out into dumpsters, or when a store is closing or remodeling, check with them (or their dumpsters!)

Want FREE advertising? If you're in the Tampa Bay area and you are an artist, you can sign up here.
You can also submit a tutorial of your own, or a photo of your work to many jewelry magazines to get free advertising. Some will even pay for a good tutorial! (I have not done this myself)

FREE website? Weebly
Well, that seems like enough to take in for one time. Do you have any free tips you'd like to share? Feel free to leave comments!

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Bearose2 said…
Great ideas Cindy! Thanks for sharing!
Gari Anne said…
Yes, great ideas!

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