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Topic: Polishing
As I frequently do, I like to share tips and resources for others, just as many have helped me along my jewelry making path.
So today, while cleaning and polishing a necklace for someone, I came across this bottle of JEWELRY SOAP. I almost forgot that I had this. It works great on silver and gems.

I got this tip at a workshop I took a long while ago. It comes with a toothbrush like brush to gently scrub your jewelry. It really shines a piece nicely. I picked it up at Wal-Mart; as you can see, pretty cheap too.
Two other polishing cloths that I like to recommend are: the Sunshine Cloth and Pro polishing pads. I use each for different finishes. The Sunshine cloth is great, I think the best to use on copper. Here's a copper bracelet that I made, and some connectors polished up using the Sunshine Cloth.

The Pro polishing pads I use when I oxidize silver. They act somewhat like steel wool but less messy to use. And they last longer than steel wool.
You can purchase these in bulk from Rio Grande or individually from me at my Etsy Supply shop.
For the Sunshine Cloth, click here; for the Pro polishing pads, click here.
Have fun, and be creative!

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