What's in that box?

Have you seen this? Little Black Boxes, a cool way to try a large number of sample items from various independent retailers, ie: small businesses.
What they do: Each month a new "box" is offered for a reasonable price and you get about 15-20 samples of products to try.
What they offer: This is a great way for small businesses to get noticed, get their product in your hands, and hopefully score some new customers.

I have gotten to try new skin and body care products this way. It's always fun to open it up and check out all the goodies!
Now here's a tip that I've done with them. When I have a home jewelry show or open house, what I do is let my customer pick an item out of the bag, without looking of course, and they get a surprise goodie to take home too! I would guess to say that there are many ways that you could use these: hostess gifts, teenager sleep over party gifts, package up items in a basket to create a unique variety gift basket for someone.
There is also another site who offers this: Sweet Delight Divalicious sample boxes. You can click here to view some past offerings from them. They are essentially the same type of service, although I have not personally bought from them, (yet).
Well, that about wraps it up for me today. I've got some new jewelry pieces in the tumbler right now, soon to be revealed. But for tomorrow, it's back to work, my "day job" as it is. Have a good night!

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The Fab Miss B said…
What a cool concept! I'll have to give it a go myself.

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