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There's been some major changes going on in my life lately and I wanted to blog about it. I've had a good week, relaxed, working on new projects, lots of new things on my blog, new groups, etc. So I've been feeling pretty good about these changes, then last night a friend called and asked me what I was doing, and I kind of fell off my cloud so to speak. And I started worrying.....
O.k., what am I doing? I started to feel a little bit alone. You see, I haven't worked outside the house all week, haven't been around too many people, or talked to many either. Am I isolating? Let's see...what can I worry about? the bills, the car, employment, my sanity; even this blog! I know many others read this, but I started wondering about that too! Hey is anybody out there! How about posting a comment or two? I was even tense about blogging today!
What is it all about? FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. Yes, I've had an attack of the "mind" and I'm too much inside my own head to know what's good for me. And yet I've been trying to "Let go, trust God", and just take life as it comes. Which I have been doing pretty well, up until last night.
So what do I have to do? TRUST, HAVE FAITH, BE STILL, AND KNOW..... that everything is just the way it is suppose to be. I hope I haven't turned anyone off at this point, because it doesn't really matter "who" you call God, what religion you believe in or not, or if it's your "higher power". It just matters to have faith in something. (I wish more people could understand this)
Enough of me on my soap box! So, want to see how my last projects turned out?
First the Filigree piece turned out rather regal looking. Very pretty. A triple strand of seed beads, chain and fairy ribbon. I attached a faceted Czech glass bead to the center of the focal.

Then the second necklace took a different turn than what I originally thought I would make. That happens sometimes as I work with a piece. I decided to keep this one simple, earthy, with lots of varying shades of green. It has tourmaline, freshwater pearl, lamp work bead, Czech glass beads, a faceted briolette, Swarovski crystals, fairy ribbon, and a brass focal with swirling designs.

Well, I have to go post new pictures to (everywhere else!), other blogs, Flickr, groups... BTW: I will be posting some personal pictures on Flickr soon. Check back for those! O.k., I think I'm tired now..........


Anonymous said…
Oh Cindy, I can identify with you and each and every one of your feelings. Not to pile on another cliche but This Too Shall Pass. When we walk through our fear we learn so much and are so much stronger for it. If you ever want to talk, I am always here.
cindy said…
Thanks Lisa for your support!
Wow! Great blog thanks for your vulnerability and for sharing...

Now spill more beans cuz tag YOU are it! I've tagged you to spill the beans and share secrets! Share 7 secrets and tag 7 bloggers to share 7 of their secrets!
Kristen said…
Cindy, my take on the blogs are actually that I do it for myself first. It's nice to actually sit and write and put up pictures of my work and it makes me feel good to see what I have accomplished! I do it for me but with the hope that others will read it and enjoy it as well. If they do and then take the time to comment, it's just a bonus!

Try to just revel in the finished pieces and the fact that you have a place to showcase them for yourself to look at and feel good about. I know if I put up all the jewelry I made so that I could be reminded of their beauty, I'd have jewerly wallpaper in my house! ha ha The pictures are a reminder to me and fun to go back and look at to reinspire myself.

Do it for you, and try to remember that there are people reading and enjoying as well just may not take the time to comment. :)Don't lose faith!
Have a great day!
cindy said…
thanks Kristen!

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