This week has been interesting. Very, very, interesting. I had some personal issues to attend to, other people's personal issues, and just stuff. Not all worth mentioning. I did go to the local bead show yesterday and got some new beads. I was mainly looking to buy some copper, now that I'm doing more with copper, plus, just think how pretty a rich oxidized patina will look on all the fall jewelry and fashion trends this year. I got some spacers, and some larger beads too that will work well with heavier gauge wire that I use in my bracelet designs.

Oh, and I got a new strand of lampwork beads from an artist who is new to me and I think her first time at this particular bead show. Stacey Kroft, of "One Sweet Bead" makes some pretty awesome beads. I got this set of organic shaped beads; the photo does not do them justice. So pretty! Boro beads with colors of green, amber, orange, earthy looking, I think. I'm thinking of making a bracelet and a pendant. Just for a change, instead of making a whole necklace, maybe just a pendant, stylish, but with a simple statement. We'll have to see.
I've spent the day teaching myself how to do a spread sheet on Excel. Yuck! I hate office type work. And you know my computer skills, well, let's just say, they're "special"! Working on some new pricing formulas for my jewelry business. It kinda sucks too, this end of the business. I just like creating jewelry! Oh, well, some body's got to do it. And that would be me.
I haven't started my list yet for this week's post on gemstone lore, but I will have it posted very soon! Next couple of days! So come back for that. It will be interesting.

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