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Well, the Ebay experiment is over. I listed a number of items for 2 weeks. 7 days, no luck, then relisted and sold 2 items! Yeah! O.k. so I only broke even, but at least I got exposure and 2 customers, who hopefully will be repeat customers!
I have to mention tonight is SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL at my Etsy shop: . 20 % OFF EVERY ITEM IN SHOP! See details at my home page.
Well, I finally finished the necklace and bracelet that I mentioned before. Nice sterling silver wire wrapped bracelet in earth tones with Kazuri beads and a focal bead made by Moon Stumpp.

And the necklace (also made with Moon Stumpp's beads) with the copper that I had missing findings I was looking for. Well, I never did find the copper jump rings that I was looking for, so I created a coiled, sort of eye pin myself that completed the necklace.

I wanted something sturdy that would not open and hold the double chain and the weight of the beads. I used green kyanite gemstone "sticks" in this necklace as well. I call this piece "By my eye teeth". A friend of mine asked me how do I come up with some of the names of my pieces. Well, I really don't know, but each piece looks different to me and has a different story; for instance, this one: I was looking at the beads and they reminded me of reptile eyes, then I coordinated the kyanite sticks and thought they looked like teeth (fangs), so the saying, "by my eye teeth" came to mind, so I googled it for it's meaning. And found out that people would say that they would give, their eye teeth, (as saying give your right arm for something they really wanted). Also it said to mean inner knowledge, as eye teeth were thought to be the molars (wisdom) or canine teeth! I'd like to think of this piece as wearing it for inner knowledge, showing your pride, knowledge of yourself. O.k. so that went a little deep! Oh, and I have matching earrings included with this one.

And I haven't forgotten about my Texas style pieces, so I was looking at all these great beads (by Moon again!) and thought, I don't want to do another single strand beaded bracelet, I want to do something different. So I stretched my metal working skills and decided to make a cuff bracelet with lots of lampwork beads, sterling silver, turquoise, and more! I wire wrapped all the beads together in this heavy gauge sterling silver that I hammered for texture. And this is what I got:

BECAUSE EVERYTHING'S BIGGER IN TEXAS! More ideas for wire and metal working came to mind so I jotted down my ideas on paper, and there will be more to follow. I'll post these items for sale some time tomorrow in my Etsy shop. Have a nice Saturday!


AdobeSol said…
Hi there Cindy! VERY nice jewels you are making these days. Your etsy shop looks great!


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