A very relaxing weekend

Welcome to my post holiday weekend update! Can you believe it? I did not do any work this weekend! That's rare for me. I did get a little bored; I'm not used to "just relaxing" and not trying to "produce" something all the time.
Went to a birthday party/cook out. It was fun.

I made the birthday girl earrings.

So I finally broke down and decided to buy a professional, commercial style canopy/ tent for doing art shows. Lots of good art shows are "juried" and require white tents, so in order to get into higher end shows, I took the plunge.

Now unfortunately, I have to send it back. The frame is bent, the side walls are poorly constructed, and have tiny pin holes in them. I guess it's true; you get what you pay for. I ended up, yesterday, ordering a more expensive, (the one I really wanted anyway) EZ Up canopy. I hope I got it right this time!

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Ugh - I hate when I do that! Yes I have heard the cheap tents are not worth it - now I know why. Hope you have better luck with the second one!
Orangies Attic said…
I love EZ-Ups... do they make them with the sides like that? Orangies Attic
storybeader said…
cutie earrings and birthday girl! I have friends with EZ-Ups, and they use them all the time. Pin holes - no good at all! {:-D
What cute earrings...I bet she loved them!
Hope the next canopy is better :)
Anonymous said…
Love those earrings -- and hope the new tent is exactly what you've wanted!
cindy said…
Yes, you can get the EZ up tents with 4 side walls that zip, and a center opening, like this one pictured.
Sher said…
Nice that you were able to have some down time. Sometimes you have to do that.

Great idea on the tent. Even if it wasn't required, you'll be happy you have it if weather turns bad suddenly! Great idea.

Hope you do great at the shows. Those earrings sure ar beautiful. I know you'll do great!
cool earrings! The birthday party looks like fun!
I spent some relaxing time over the weekend with my cousins. I rarely sit around either. But it was good and important time.

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