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June 10th, 2009

Today's Yummy Taste: Self-Trust -- A Daily Dollop and a Workshop Excerpt
Self-trust was our theme the first month at the Comfort Cafe and golly, what a huge whoosh of self-care that started!

The Not Quite So Daily Dollop
To live an aware, awake life, we must keep discovering ourselves -- who we are, what we believe in, what we are willing to die for or simply to take a stand on -- again and again. There is no fixed identity or even set of beliefs to arrive at -- life is a work in progress. Never has that been more true. But to improvise, to create the life you want, you must cultivate self-trust.

Self-trust is especially needed when life is changing and you are reinventing yourself -- and that's almost always. Self-trust gives us the faith and energy to move forward because fundamentally we know we can survive whatever comes.

I once believed that trusting myself meant I had to have made (mostly) the right decisions in the past, at least in the big things, and certainly anything about my daughter, my clients or my career; and because I had not (I mean, I am divorced) I couldn't trust myself.

You know what that (very erroneous) conclusion led to? Becoming more and more fearful, then more and more paralyzed, and then less and less creative. Without the action of creating something (a book, a business, a living room, a relationship, a women's group), it's so tempting to become mired ever deeper in a big ole' victim story, coated in sticky layers of shame, self-loathing and resignation.

Without self-trust, you forget what you can do and who you can be.
Without self-trust, fear has a wide-open route to your mind and your future.
Without self-trust, you believe the snide whispers of perfectionism and get stuck.
Without self-trust, you dare not face your actual missteps, and lose the best opportunities to learn -- and thus to develop more self-trust.

Self-kindness and self-trust are co-creators. Without self-kindness, there can be no self-trust. Without the remembrance that we are wonderful and amazing and good enough right now -- without changing one molecule of ourselves -- it's difficult to practice self-trust.

We keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, for someone to discover we're a fake, we can't really do this grown-up thing.

Healthy comfort encourages self-trust and when you trust yourself, you take the helm of your life.

You stop waiting for someone else to do it for you.

You stop waiting to get it right.

You leap and know you can catch yourself.

Today's Intention: Fully present self-nurturing with a side helping of self-trust.

Comfort Wish
I send you a raft
Made of self-trust
Buoyed by the joy of knowing you are enough

You don't have to row this raft
Nor push it or prod it
You simply lightly hold the tiller, made of awareness
and let life glide you into the future you have declared

One fascinating breath at a time

Get your fab taste of the Self-trust Workshop here!



P.S. Since you were born with the option of fabulousness, of loving yourself and your life, why not take it -- starting today?

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