What do customers want? Survey Results

As promised, I'm back with the results of my surprisingly easy 7 question simple survey, where I asked questions about arts shows, shopping on-line and in galleries and boutiques, from the customer's perspective. But before I go into the results, what I did find interesting, is that it was a simple 7 questions, to which I had only 30 respondents, but over 100 views of the survey on my blog. Ah hum.

The results:
I wanted to know what draws people into an artist's booth. The number one response was a high quality DISPLAY set up. I found that very interesting.
I asked why people take business cards at shows (and walk away/not make a purchase) and 70% said to shop at a later date. Not to come back to your booth later. This surprised me.

I asked whether or not having an artist's bio card with a purchase made a difference to the buyer/customer. I got a 60/40 split on this one. 60% said, "yes, they like to read about the artist and the work that they create", while 40% said, "no, it didn't matter."

I asked what is the most important feature that you look for when shopping on line?
the majority of respondents said "good product descriptions", while "good photos" came in close second.

Which would you prefer; a percent off sale or free shipping? A whopping 80% said free shipping!

I asked which do you VALUE most when shopping with a handmade artist? The results showed a 50/50 split tied response of overall price/cost with uniqueness of product.
This question and response throws a "red flag" up to me because the two answers do not go together. If you are purchasing a one of a kind that no one else has, than you should expect a higher price, and not a "one of a million of an assembly line price."
So, I think maybe the average "customer" has little if no understanding about how something is made one by one and the cost and time involved in it. And I guess it falls on the "artist" to teach them. (Interesting isn't it?)

And lastly, I asked what BENEFITS are you looking for when shopping for handmade items?
These are the most popular responses I received:
uniqueness, one of a kind, quality, well made, originality, and friendly customer service.

This ends my little exploration for now. If you want to read the post that started this, you can click here. And if you like this type of post, and want to read more like it, let me know in the comments. Thanks for staying tuned in!

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ReStyleGraphic said…
This is a very interesting survey. I assumed about the same answers to these questions, based on my experience. Good to know. Thank you for sharing.
(Ri)Charmed said…
Certainly gives us sellers some things to think about!

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