Week 1 weigh in

I've been trying to eat the "Weight Watchers" way all week, and have been hungry too. I'm continuing to exercise vigorously 3 times a week. So, it came my first week's weigh in; and guess what? I gained 1.6 lbs! Well, this really helps my attitude. Now I could blame this on the pants I was wearing that day; they were heavier, but I had alot of business running around to do that day, and had to wear nice pants. (I'm not going to wear the same out fit each week that I go and weigh in)
But, I must say, it is difficult to follow the system unless you buy the extra "starter kit" or something, because I really didn't have much access to calculate my points for this week. I did buy the new calculator, (which was on sale for 1/2 price) and this should help some.
What gets me is this; I've eaten the same breakfast (whole grain English muffin, piece of Canadian bacon, and Egg Beaters) that used to be 4 points, now is 7 points.
How is this an improvement on the program? I'm still skeptical. We'll see what this next week brings.
~Tonight I'm allowing myself pizza. We do get extra points that can be used weekly.

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Linda Pruitt said…
Hopefully next week is better and you keep it up! Goood luck!
Good for you for working out and getting on an eating plan!
Many times we will gain weight as fat turns to muscle. So don't get discouraged!
It's all about how you feel...not what the scale says :)

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