I feel the urge

I feel the urge to blog today, reach out, connect with others via the Internet. I didn't post much last week, even though I did make a few new pieces of jewelry, I never got around to posting them in my Etsy shop. What I have been doing though is reading others' blogs and commenting on them! So, I'm overdue for a post myself.
Here's what I've been doing (other than reading blogs) this week: I did some research about getting a paypal/buy it now button on my blog. I had the intention of posting my new items here first, before adding them to my Etsy shop, as a convenience to customers, and to offer a percentage off if bought directly from my blog. Well, my initial idea was good, but when I checked it out, it seemed to be more of a pain, and a lot more computer work for me to do than it is worth. For one thing, I would have to list each item individually, and create a paypal button for EACH item I list. Which means every week when I post new items, each item would have to be individually created, itemized, and cataloged for Paypal. Plus, the additional fees (percentage of the sales) were more than I thought all this foot work was worth (to me at least). For what it's worth, Etsy is a much better way to go, as they have a fairly easy system to follow and very low listing fees. A better way for me to go; for now anyway. So if anyone was interested in this also, I hope this information helps.
Off to a totally different topic: I have a few blogs of interest that some of you might want to check out. http://nakedineden.com/nakedinedenblog/
This blog is by Robin Easton who is an author, speaker, environmentalist, musician, nature photographer,adventurer and world traveler. I always get something out of her "words of wisdom" and I highly recommend reading her blog.
AND, http://www.lwgodsilsjadisjewelry.blogspot.com… The blog of Laura Winslow Godsil. A fine jewelry artisan and painter, her blog subtitle peaked my interest right away: "This is a place to further express myself and share my paintings and jewelry with a more diverse and free thinking group."
The third blog I want to mention here comes from the ETSY GIVEAWAYS BLOG. You know that I love free stuff, so I've been checking this site quite a few times a week and entering contests. I found that my favorite soap shop ,Magichands.etsy.com is having a giveaway. They are giving away a $20.00 gift certificate. The contest ends on October 20th, so check out this site to find out more: http://everythingupclose.blogspot.com/2008/10/magic-hands-workshop-review-giveaway.html. Also, there's a mention of a coupon code to use for 15% off a purchase during this contest until November 15. Have some fun here!
O.k., so on to my newest creations. I made this "Cinnamon" necklace to coordinate and/or layer with the "Cranberry Twist" necklace that I showed in the last post. I really think the 2 look better together, but could also be worn individually. With that in mind, I set a special lower price on the "Cranberry Twist", because I like it better with the "Cinnamon" necklace. So maybe that will entice someone to get both pieces!

Then I made this pearl necklace using various deep autumn inspired colors, gold-filled beads, Swarovski crystals and a brass bird and leaf design clasp. Then I made a couple of fall inspired brass filigree earrings.

I sold a couple of pairs of earrings today where I work, here's one of the pairs: simply sterling silver:

So, I plan to post these new items tomorrow, and possibly a couple more earring pairs. And if I'm feeling so inclined, I might just do a HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL tomorrow (FRIDAY) so check my ETSY Shop! For those of you who might be local here in Florida, I'm planning a jewelry open house on November 22. More to follow on that. And I do have a couple of ideas for the blog here, so look forward to some "articles" from me. That's enough for today! Have a good night everybody!


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