My scale lies

I've kinda given up on the whole dieting thing. I've been (gently) trying to watch what I eat, not overeat, or keep too many bad snack foods in the house. Even though I have an enormous sweet tooth.
I continue to weigh myself once a week, same day, same time. One week, the scale told me, I lost about another 10 pounds. How can this be, I wondered. I mean I usually flucuate a few pounds but this much? So I try again, and the scale goes crazy, giving me all sorts of different numbers. I ask my husband if he's been weighing himself.
"yes", his weight is acurate. Weird.
Then the next week, I'm up again. Then, about 2 weeks ago, I had a doctor's appointment and, the truth comes out, I've gained back 10 pounds of the weight that I previously lost.
It is just too hard. My experience with Weight Watcher's has proven to be very difficult. I was hungry all the time. I didn't like the foods I had to eat, and it seemed very restrictive; this new program, than previous years that I've been a member.

The "battle of the bulge": a fight I may never win.

On other topic, I've been having trouble downloading my weekly, "Etsy Treauries on Fridays", so I'm going to have to figure out some other way to continue this feature. If anyone can give me (step by step) directions to posting the treasuries, I'd appreciate the help- help for the electronically challenged.

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