So,it's official. I decided to quit one of my 2 P/T jobs, keeping my main one in veterinary medicine. It just became way too much to keep up with, especially with the fall show season coming, and I really need to work on creating enough inventory for all the shows I will be doing. BTW: I got into another show; found out this week, so November and December will prove to be busy months for me.
Yesterday I went to my first PAVA meeting.
I'm glad I joined this artist's group and wish I would have done it sooner. It's a great way to get involved with other artists, support and promote each other, and learn more about being an artist, PR, get news on events and shows, etc. I think I will learn much and hopefully grow my business as well.

Here's some eye candy. Just a few new listings in my Etsy shop, now available for new homes!
Brass cuff- large

Brass cuff- pink

Door knocker style earrings

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randomcreative said…
That's great about the shows. I hope that doing more with your craft business in your new free time pays off. As always, your new work is beautiful!
Kala said…
Gorgeous jewelry:) Good luck with all of your shows:)
I'm glad to hear you'll have more time to create :)
Congrats on getting into another show! Love the new pieces!
cindy said…
Thanks you guys!
Kathleen said…
Beautiful new work! Congrats on getting into a new show. Meeting with other artists is a great way to fuel your creative spirit.
storybeader said…
good to hear you're replacing your pt job with art. Hope it doesn't put a strain on you. I love all your brass jewelry. {:-D
tamdoll said…
Love those door knocker style earrings! It's encouraging to read about your confidence that you can work on your art for upcoming shows and quit one of your jobs to take that on. Being part of an art group is something that I miss - I know I was much, much more productive when I had people around me to urge me on.
cindy said…
Thanks for all the wonderful and encouraging comments!

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