I've been a torchin'

The Ancient World Series

As they sometimes do, my names/titles of my creations usually come after I make something, or sometimes during the process. So I started to make a variety of different copper bracelets with sterling silver. Some are bangles, some cuffs. Both brought to mind ancient times, medieval, goddesses, stuff legends are made from.

What fun to make! I got to do some torching, lots of hammering, used some power tools, and lots and lots of polishing. They are really cool!
I made a couple of larger cuffs for men or unisex.

I made a few bangles just to have a variety available, and to take to the show on Saturday. This one's my favorite.

Well, I still have so much to do to get ready for the show this Saturday, so I must be going now. I start my new job tomorrow!

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Anonymous said…
Oh CIndy, they are beautiful! I jusr love them. I have never made a cuff bracelet, but they are my favorite.
When is your first show? I am doing a small show on December 5. I think it will be perfect oo get my feet wet. I am sending in the application and table fee today. I am a bit nervous.
cindy said…
Thanks Lisa. I'm getting ready to list these bracelets in my Etsy shop. My first show was yesterday, the 24th, I'm about to blog about it. Best of luck with yours!

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