Scoping out local artsy shops

I started out my day today going to local shops that I think might be interested in caring some of my jewelry. Got a couple of business cards from 2 shops that might be interested. The best shops I found were closed on Mondays (figures) One is a artsy-type gallery shop, the other a upscale designer clothing boutique. As I peered through the shops windows, drooling somewhat; I guess I'll have to make a trip on another day to these! There are also 2 metaphysical shops locally that I think might work out. My next step is organizing my portfolio that I've started. It has color photos of everything I've made. I have to write up my bio page to add to it and a copy of my SRAJD logo with my number. I figure it's a good idea to add anything professional ie: organizations, or awards, or shows that I participate in.
My next step will be to call back the shops I liked and ask to set up an appointment with the shop owner. I'll take my portfolio and live products with me to those.
So on to my new items I've made. After making that earthy piece yesterday, I kind of felt like doing nature inspired pieces, so I made some earrings with some of the brass findings that I have from Vintaj Natural Brass Co.
As I was making the necklace yesterday, I realized just how pretty the tiger's eye beads were. Some were shaped like ovals and reminded my of bird eggs. I wire wrapped some with some golden pearls and a brass bird charm at the bottom. They are really pretty.

I have lots of brass charms around here, I need to make more stuff with them. Next, I've been thinking about these butterfly charms so I used pink lampwork beads, green crystals and green crystal flowers. They work really well together too. The pink and green is a nice combination.

While I was on the brass kick, I made this chain link charm bracelet. It's very vintage looking with pearls, crystals and glass beads.

The next bracelet is kind of a whimsical, light-hearted, fun piece. It's a triple strand bracelet that I call "Dreams". The main strand has very colorful lampwork beads (made by one of my favorite artists, Moon Stumpp), crystals, sterling silver beads, lapis rounds and a couple of disc beads. The second strand consists of various shades of purples: in pearls, crystals, sterling silver various gemstone rounds and copper stars. I continued the stars theme on the third strand, which is an oval link sterling silver chain with wire wrapped gemstone stars. It all comes together with a toggle clasp with a star cut out that reads "dream" and hooks with a fairy. I wasn't sure how this piece was going to end up looking, but it is really pretty and colorful.

I'm going to try to get all of these posted in my Etsy store tonight. What I really should do is just add a Paypal "buy it now" button on my blog! Hmmm, there's a thought. I gotta go feed the cats now. I hope you enjoy today's post!


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