Picture of the Week- Angels

It always seems to me that around this time of the year that I reminisce about angels. There was a time in my life when I did some soul searching and really got curious about angels. So I started researching, reading books, watching for anything I could find on angels. This was around 1994. I have had some "angelic experiences" or "messages from God" if you will. The message here is to believe. This photo above is by Catherine Andrews. I'd love to hear of any stores or experiences that you may have with angels, God, the unknown.
Here are some references that you might enjoy.



IN SEARCH OF ANGELS: VHS:http://www.amazon.com/Search-Angels-Harold-Jack-Bloom/dp/630494716X/ref=pd_sim_m_3/179-9937253-3594114

ANGELS: MYSTERIOUS MESSENGERS: http://www.amazon.com/Angels-Mysterious-Messengers-Patty-Duke/dp/0809491745/ref=cm_cmu_pg_t/185-5111234-7909314


Just Me... said…
I, too, know that angels are among us. I know firsthand. There's not nearly enough time, nor space to give you my long, drawn-out story, but someday soon I might post it on my blog....

There's a book by a woman I know named Kim O'Neill, the title escapes me, and its a great book about angels as well.
Speaking of heavenly Team Filigree jewelry is out of this world. Gorgeous!

Dream is a great bracelet as well.
EmandaJ said…
I stumbled on to your blog and had to answer the call for angel sightings. My angels didn't have wings or haloes and they looked like everyone else, but it was the way they treated me on two or three separate ocassions that clued me into their nature.

I was traveling alone in a foreign country, doing research and near exhaustion. I was taken in, fed and cared for and then sent out to do my work. So much could have happened to me and I could have been in great danger, but I knew I was protected.

Eighteen years later, I am still touched by the generosity of these caring souls.

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