Life is better at the Beach~Inspiration for living each day like you’re at the beach

This book is a collection of 15 “rules” for taking it easy, enjoying life and living every day as if you were at the beach. It’s a collection of inspirational writings to encourage the practice of relaxation. Each chapter or “rule” also includes complementary scriptures to help with your spiritual walk as well.

This book has beautiful pictures throughout, all beach related themes, of course. It is hard covered and includes a “To and From” page, making it perfect for gift giving.

I enjoyed reading this light, coffee table book. It is nicely written, but not too deep. It would make a nice gift for a friend, but not as a self-help guide. It is not that type of book. As I said, it is light reading and does not go that deep. It’s an easy, light, refreshing, summer read, and great for gift giving.
I received this book for BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Metzli said…
Looks like a great coffee table book.

I love book trading, and usually do so through little libraries.

Pretty books like this become dog eared in my presence.

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