Flowers on their way

I don't know if it's due to the season or not, but I got the urge to create some flower jewelry. These lapis lazuli in a soft matte brushed finish are my favorite. They are available right now on my website,, here. So go check them out.

I'm still working on some better photo shots of these, so they're not listed "live" yet. Pretty purple amethyst with squiggly vines.

These are my "happy flowers". I don't know why. Bright and shiny. Bright green crysoprase gemstones. Again, not ready to be listed, but available. If you have any interest in these, please let me know, so I can get you a price/ invoice, etc.
BTW: I updated my website to make navigation easier. Now you can find all my collections and shop at ease!

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Madavi Oliver said…
Cindy These earrings are beautiful. Love the flower theme


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