Why you should use earring cards to display your earrings for sale

For overall professionalism and visual appeal. Doesn't this photo above look better than this one below?
* Good visual appeal. Having a background for your earrings helps them to stand out and makes it easier for the customer to see them.

* Professionalism. The cards look professional whether you use stock cards or have custom ones made. They can help to "sell" your work. You'll also find that galleries will want your earrings to be on cards.

* They help with organization. Otherwise you end up with loose, mismatched earrings floating around in a display box or something.

* They help with inventory and record keeping. I write the item number and price on the back of my cards. This helps keep my inventory in check and lets customers look and feel on their own at earrings and prices, if they want to. If merchandise is not priced, some customers will not ask the price and might just walk away-possibly a lost sale.

I see a lot of jewelry designers using those mesh screen style earring displays, where you can just stick the earrings into the screen, but again I think these types of displays make it difficult for potential customers to see the work. And this type of display is difficult to show pricing. Unless you are at a show that allows pricing "signs" and /or you are pricing a group of items the same I wouldn't recommend this type of display, even though it seems easy to do. You'll have to be the final judge for your own display and personal likes and dislikes.
Just a few of my personal tips, from me to you!

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