How do you know when it's time to make a change?

When you keep doing the same thing over and over, getting the same (or no) results. It's as simple as that. Although sometimes it feels like I need to be hit over the head in order to actually see it for a fact. And I'm talking about change from a business standpoint, but I guess you could apply this to anything in life.

I don't like to consider myself a quitter, in fact, I don't. I will try, try, and try again to make something happen, or to get it right. So, FINALLY, after 8 years of having a handmade jewelry shop on Etsy, it's time to do something different.
"If nothing changes, nothing will change". Another quote I have come to realize is, "You've got to spend money, to make money". This one I have been known to cringe at. I like to consider myself frugal in every way, even when it comes to my business. Well guess what? It's not working.

I have started a list of things to do differently this year for my business:
1) Break free from the boundaries of Etsy
2) If I am going to do shows, do the best of shows
3) Reach out, search out to more shops, and/or wholesale
4) SPEND MONEY on my business! I'll be talking more about this in upcoming posts.

I think that 's enough to give myself a kick in the butt right now!
How about you? Do you need to change anything to better your business?

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