Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar~ A Follow Up Review

This is a follow up review to the Drunk Elephant "JuJu Bar". That review you can find here.
So, to catch you up, the Pekee bar is recommended as a nighttime use bar, used in conjunction with the JuJu bar, which is used in the a.m. I mentioned how much I was enjoying the JuJu bar, so I went ahead and purchased the Pekee bar and gave it a try.
The bar is a natural looking bar made with some typical soap-like ingredients like, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, and paraffin, but also includes these ingredients: Blueberry Extract (an antioxidant), honey (for moisture and helps inflammation), and Virgin Marula Oil (another antioxidant that hydrates, protects,and heals the skin). It claims to be free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

The Pekee bar is fragrance free, like the JuJu bar. I wish it had a bit of aroma. The bar gives a light lather and feels mildly creamy on the skin. Overall, though I did not find anything that special about it. It did not leave my skin feeling moisturized. It did not improve anything about my skin. So I'm kind of regretting spending the money on this one. Seen here at Sephora.

A further note: Over the past month of using the JuJu bar, I have found that my skin is now a bit sensitive to it. I cannot use it every day. It's too abrasive. Right now I've put it aside and am using a milder cleanser. My skin is on the dry side right now. Just a note in case you were thinking of purchasing these bars for yourself. They might be better suited for regular to combination skin types.

As always, these opinions are my own. You may have other results.

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