Deva Curl's new products for "curly girls"

I'm talking about the "Decadence" line from Deva Curl. It's created for girls,like me, with super curly, kinky hair. Now I've tried other Deva Curl product in the past, and they just didn't perform that well for me. I got these complimentary samples from Deva Curl to try. They included:
The new No-Poo Decadence cleanse and condition
The new One Condition Decadence Ultra Moisturizing Milk Conditioner
The new Super cream Coconut curl styler

Overall, the cleanser and conditioner are made with quinoa protein and chufa milk providing maximum moisture to the hair. The coconut styler has coconut oil,(of course), jojoba protein, and corn starch (for touchable hold and frizz control).
All Deva Curl products are sulfate, paraben and silicone free.

My experience:
The cleanser definitely lives up to my expectations. It's a thick, rich, cream, with lots of slip, good coverage, great moisture. Upon rinsing it out, I really thought that was all that I would need. It was that smooth. My hair felt so soft and smooth. I'd compare it with my two top favorites: Briogeo Co-wash, and the Macadamia natural oil Flawless cleansing conditioner.

With that being said, the "One Conditioner" did not live up to my expectations. It was a bit thinner in consistency;and after rinsing it out, it left my hair needing something more. Not a super moisturizer.

The Coconut Styler smells great. It has a rich, thick consistency, was not sticky or drying, but don't expect it to straighten out your curls, as it claims to "stretch" curls for a longer look. NOT. If anything, my curls were more defined and curly. I guess it depends on how much product you apply to your curls to achieve a desired look. BTW, I apply a lot of product. I saturate my curls. The coconut styler can also be applied to dry hair to refresh your curls. I do like it , so far, but, I need to work more with this styler before I can say whether or not I would purchase this one.

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