Why I quit Ipsy and Birchbox

Ipsy and Birchbox are two monthly subscription services that both cost $10.00 a month for about 5 samples/trial sized beauty and/or make-up products. I gave both of them about 6 month's time, enough to make a good judgement about whether or not I liked what I was getting, and if I was to continue receiving them.

A typical Ipsy bag looks like this. You get a unique monthly make-up bag, some cosmetic samples, and maybe a beauty or skin care product.

A typical Birchbox has generally more beauty type products and some make-up type product.

The two main reasons I cancelled my subscriptions to both are these:
1. Never really getting a "personalized" selection of products. In both services you fill out a profile about yourself, that is suppose to help you receive products that are suited to what you like. I repeatedly said NO perfumes and continued to get them.
I tended to get make-up products that seemed suited for a teenager. Young, glittery eye shadows, glittery highlighters, and Barbie, bubble gum pink lip products. So I ended up with a drawer full of unused, unwanted make-up.

2. Obscure brands. Now I don't mind trying new products and brands-there are many that I would like to try, but with these subscriptions you get brands, not only that you've never heard of, but a lot of foreign brands. Now my problem (and worry) about that is that you never know what you're really getting, and putting on your face. I'm sure other countries have different regulations (or not) about what they can put in their products, some may have no regulations like the FDA we have here in the U.S.

So, for me, spending the $10.00-$20.00 a month is a waste. I could just save up the money and try a product that I've been wanting to try, or just try another subscription service altogether.
FYI: I'm checking out a new subscription service called "Beauty DNA", which I should get this week. Stay tuned!

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