The New Beauty Test Tube~Review

So I thought it's time to try a new beauty subscription box. I opted for the "New Beauty Test Tube". This subscription service claims to send you 5 or 6 beauty items- some of them full size, and some trial/travel sizes. Beauty Test tube ships 6 times a year, (every other month) for a price of $29.95, plus $8.95 shipping, plus sales tax. So it cost me $41.00 total. I'm not so thrilled having to pay such a high shipping fee, as most subscription boxes include shipping in their total price or offer free shipping. Sales tax too? Come on. You could look at it this way too: Divided per month it runs about $20.50.
What I got:
I'm only going to talk about the products I've already tried with updates to follow. First up is dr. brandt-needles no more: an "instant wrinkle relaxer". NOT. I used it on my under eye area (where I only have slight lines anyway). What the product does do is dry out my skin in that area. Plus the tube is so tiny; (like one's you get for free, or in a Birchbox or Ipsy), I feel that there is not enough product to really see any kind of difference, if you wanted to give it a chance. Full size retails for $89.00. No need-I'll pass.
"It's a 10" leave-in miracle silk. This one I was waiting to try. This stuff is a 10!
Sprayed on washed and towel dried hair, it leaves my hair silky soft, with no trace of frizz or split ends. Great smell too. This is a 2 oz. travel size, valued at $14.96.
That being said, I found this product at for $12.50 for the 4 oz! Double the size!
Tan-Towel: a self-tanner towelette. This box came with 4 individual towelettes, ie:4 applications. O.k., they kinda suck! I used the exfoliant, then the "classic" and the face tanner; overnight it didn't give much color, if any at all. Today, I applied the "tan plus" packet. I'll have to wait 3-4 hours to see results, but so far, I'll take my "Fake Bake" over this one any day!
The Patchology hydrating mask (One application only): While I do not like sheet masks, I tried this one. It was somewhat moisturizing. Just o.k., and the full size product will run you $50.00 for 8 applications.
The one thing that Beauty Test Tube does well, is in this booklet they send, which describes the products in full detail, whereas other subscription services usually come with just a product card.
Overall, with these products that I have tried, I'd say I'm not sure this box is a winner. I'll give it one more box, before I make a final decision whether or not it's worth it.

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