Birchbox for June~Still hanging on

Just when I was about to cancel my subscription,
I got a box that I liked!
What I've tested so far:

Comptoir Sud Pacifique (fragrance): Even though I don't usually wear fragrance, I do like this one. It's a heavy, long lasting vanilla.

Dr.Jart+ ceramidin cream: This cream has a nice moisture coverage to it and a light, clean, fresh scent. Probably not a big enough sample size to determine any real benefits the cream claims, but I'm enjoying using it.

Marcelle waterproof eyeliner: Lots of talk about this brand this month. I received a mini sized pencil is a dark plum color, which I will wear. It is NOT smudge proof, and I can't agree with the "waterproof" claims.

Vasanti brighten-up enzymatic face rejuvenator: This is a micro-bead cleanser that has a "fizzy-like" enzymatic effect when you add water to rinse it off. It leaves the skin clean and refreshed. Nice smooth application, easy on the skin.

Sarahpotempa hair clip: Not crazy about the design or pattern of this clip; I could have lived without it.

I have not tried the Coola sunscreen, but overall this was a good box. Birchbox has redeemed itself for yet another month!

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