It Cosmetics TSV I got on QVC

I got this It Cosmetics set on QVC as a TSV (today's special value) although I don't remember exactly what I paid for it. It was a good deal, trust me! Shout out goes to Bailey B. of Making up the Midwest for posting this deal on FaceBook. I'm finally getting a chance to try some of It Cosmetics at a great price.

I was highly impressed with their packaging of their brushes. They came in these plastic tubes with their logo on the end. This really protects the brushes and could be used for travel if you wanted to.
My favorite brush is their new blush brush.
It's a large, domed, soft bristle brush, perfect for application. It retails alone for $48.00.

Finally, yes finally, I've found a CC/BB cream that I like and actually does something for my skin. Great coverage, good for your skin, and smells great! I have a weak spot for good smelling beauty products.
Great illumination too. The only thing that I didn't like, but can live with, is that I need to apply a pore reducing primer where I have enlarged pores, because I feel this CC cream made them more visible.

A "spring" eye shadow trio~ They seem more neutral to me. Their o.k., nothing earth shaking.

Would you look at the size of this thing? Super large compact with bronzer, illuminator, and blush. Not crazy about the blush shade.

And, I happened to pick up this dual end concealer and highlighter at Ulta, during some sale, where it was like 50% off. It's the Bye bye under eye concealer and Hellow light brightener. (Couldn't find an Ulta link) Heavy duty stuff! I like it. And you don't need much to apply.
Have you tried It Cosmetics? I'd love to hear your comments!

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