Colour Pop cosmetics~Giving it a second chance

With all the hype going strong on YouTube, I thought I'd give ColourPop cosmetics another try. You can read about my first trial here. They seemed to have such beautifully pigmented shadows, and now blushes- o.k., I'll try them again.
Here are the ones I got: Eye Shadows; Game Face, Bill, Hustle, Girl Crush, Lace, and blush; Prenup.

As you can see, they all swatch very well. Not all perform well on application though. I found that I needed to apply a few layers of each in order to get the color pay-off like the swatches. I tried wearing them without an eye shadow base; I tried Game Face first and needed to go over the top 3 times to get an intense color. The color did not hold up all day (faded).
Next, I worked with the purple and grey shadows, applying Milani's primer using my finger to apply and also using synthetic brushes as suggested by the manufacturer. At first, the overall look seemed blue/grey, so I went in again with the dark purple color (lace) and heavily applied it to get the purple color. You must really blend these a lot too to get a flawless look. Later in the day, I found this purple color to be very drying on my eye lids. (Maybe due to the blue and purple glitter in the product? I don't know.)
I will give praise to ColourPop's new blushes; at least "Prenup". It's a pretty pink, and when applied with my Elf stippling brush, I got a nice light wash of color.
So, will I be buying any more ColourPop cosmetics? I'd have to say no to the eye shadows, but I would purchase another blush. I don't know ladies- am I missing something here?

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