Milani Cosmetics mini haul

I recently found a discount for 30% off Milani Cosmetics that I couldn't pass up. So here's my "mini haul".
~Bella eyes gel powder eye shadow in "Bella Mandarin". It's a matte shade, kind of soft in color, and somewhat "dry/powdery".
Not quite what I was expecting, but it will serve it's purpose in color.

I got 2 "Brilliant shine" lip glosses- one in "Mai Tai"; a bright orange, and "Nude Touch", a beige with gold micro-sparkles.
These glosses are a little sticky for my liking. They have the standard doe foot applicator. The Nude Touch one has a butter cream like fragrance, that I do enjoy, but the Mai Tai has none. I find that unusual, since I believe that these came from the same collection. FYI: I prefer the NYX butter glosses over these. NYX's are way longer lasting and a bit moisturizing.

This was my favorite product in this haul. "Illuminating face powder" in "Beauty's Touch". It gives the skin a beautiful, soft pink finish. It can also make a soft blush to the cheeks and eliminate the use of another blush. Love, love, love this product!

And just so you can see it:
Milani's Brow shaping clear gel. I'm new with using this type of product, so I really don't have any product to compare it to. It just o.k., nothing heavy, I really couldn't tell the difference in my brows when using it. (But,it's always good to experiment with new products.)
Here's the code I used to get the 30% off. (MILANIFASHION) I'm not sure where I found it, or if it is still valid. Enjoy shopping!

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