New snack find to rival Naturebox

As you may know, I subscribe to a monthly box from Naturebox and receive 5 bags of healthy snacks at about the cost of $4.00 a bag.
My new discovery I found at CVS drugstore; gold emblem abound snacks.
How they compare: For starters, the CVS brand's size is double the amount (serving sizes) than Naturebox. I found the flavors to be fresh, the nut selection to be wider and more of a variety than Naturebox's comparable trail mix. As you can see, the gold emblem trail mix has large nuts and dried fruits, and with this one, large dark chocolate pieces.
I cannot say that for the Naturebox. The trail mixes I've tried from Naturebox had small nuts and fruits, tiny bits of chocolate, and not a big variety of nuts per mix.
Based on nutritional facts, both brands have about the same amount of calories, fat, fiber, and protein. (I'm comparing the gold emblem "dark chocolate, fruit and nut mix" with Naturebox's "dark chocolate berry trail mix".
Overall, I feel that the quality and quantity of the gold emblem brand is somewhat higher than that of Naturebox, for this type of snack. And the price? I got these on sale for $1.99 a bag!
Time to move over Naturebox? You can come to your own conclusions.

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