January 2015 Nature Box subscription picks

I tried some new snacks in this months box, so get ready for some chocolate!

~dutch cocoa sun-crunch
These are cocoa flavored sunflower and sesame seed clusters. Medium strength taste wise on the chocolate, but I love the saltiness of the sun-crunch itself. 6 grams of protein per serving; that's pretty good too!

~dark cocoa almonds~ If you like dark chocolate, you'll love these! 4 grams of protein on these per serving.

~dark chocolate berry trail mix
Out of the other trail mixes that I've tried from Naturebox, this one is my favorite. It's a good mix of dried fruits and nuts, including cranberries and cherries, cashews and pistachios, plus tiny chips of dark chocolate that gives it that flavor punch. 4 grams of protein

~flax fortune coins~ Taste just like flattened fortune cookies with the added benefit of flax seeds. Flax seeds are full of omega-3's, and are said to be good for helping reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. 2 grams of protein

~sriracha roasted cashews~ These are HOT! Ingredients say "spices, and spice extracts". They do leave a heat after-burn in your mouth. I think I'll leave these for my husband to eat! 4 grams of protein
Hope you enjoyed my review. You can get your first box for free to try, just click on this link: Naturebox.com

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Kristen Jo Ann said…
Yum! Great choices. I don't think I've ever chosen any of these snacks for my box, will have to try!

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