Big haul with Julep Maven Mystery box!

I can't help but to sing the praises of this amazing "Diamond Mystery box" that I ordered from Julep. One of the perks of becoming a "Julep Maven" is that you get chances to shop special sales, special shops (on their site) and special mystery boxes. I think this Diamond box was advertised for $20.99 or $24.99- I don't remember, anyway, promised about $120.00 worth of Julep products. I was intrigued, to say the least.

SO EXCITED! I received all these polishes ranging from blues, purples, red, creams and sparkles, and two glitters; a silver and gold.

AND THEN, also in the box was a eye shadow primer (similar to Smashbox eye primer), a pinkish/neutral lip gloss (slightly sticky, but a nice thickness and vanilla scent), a black gel eye liner (glides on so smoothly), and two eye brushes. I just can't say enough about the brushes. The handles seem to be weighted at one end making them easy to use and comfortable in the hand. The brush hairs are soft and pliable. I was surprised at the quality of these brushes. I guess it pays to be a Maven.
(And to my surprise, this happens to be my favorite monthly subscription box service that I'm subscribed to right now. The funny thing is, that I thought this would be my least favorite!- You never know!)

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Van said…
Thanks for the review, didn't think of it but these subscription boxes would make great gifts :)

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