Celebrate Recovery Bible~ a book review

Celebrate Recovery Bible: New International Version
Celebrate Recovery was developed by Pastor John Baker, which is a program based on The Biblical principles of the “Beatitudes of Jesus Christ”. It mirrors much like a well known spiritually twelve step program, helping people to recover from their “hurts, hang ups, and habits”.
The Celebrate Recovery program mirrors the spiritual twelve step program with its “Eight principles of recovery”; combining a few of the original twelve steps together.
This publication is set up like this: A brief history of the Celebrate Recovery program, an introduction to the “Eight Principles”, then in-depth descriptions of each, with prayers for each principle and lessons that refer to particular Bible verses; Each touches on a topic of recovery, the complete NIV of the Bible with side notes that refer back to the Eight Principles, character studies on over 50 personalities in the Bible which relate to recovery issues, recovery stories of individuals, and a 30 day devotional section at the end of the book.
There is so much information here. I found that I really enjoyed reading about the Celebrate Recovery program. I could refer to the Biblical principles just as stated in the program. I feel that this would make a good study form of the Bible, not just for those with recovery issues, but for all of us.
The program offers great topics, and each of the “Eight Principles” goes deeper into the topics and deeper into Biblical study. The only thing that I found odd is that the program always uses the words, “hurts, hang ups, and habits”, more than it mentions addictions, although the word addiction is mentioned in the text. I guess “hurts, hang ups, and habits” does leave the door open for all to find their way to the Bible and Christian principles.
I received this book in exchange for my honest review from BookLookBloggers.com.

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