My take on Artspan/Jewelspan

Today's post will be on my experience having a web page on Artspan/Jewelspan. I found out about Artspan from one of the jewelry magazines that I read. First month free trail, sounded good to me. Here's what I thought about it.
I stayed on for 6 months. Signed up for the monthly fee of $14.95. They do have wonderful templates to choose from,and ease of service. Very easy to navigate, e-commerce, and complete tutorials to help you set up your site.
From your "control panel" you can add multiple photos, create galleries, create pages for your bio, events, email sign up and more.
There is also a resource section, where you can find marketing articles, and better business practices. What I liked was the statistics section, complete with charts and graphs so that you can see how many visitors your site had per day, where they came from, most viewed pages, and how many were new visitors/or returning visitors.

After 6 months I found that I only had 2 or 3 visitors per day; some days no activity. No sales. I had 2 people sign up for my emails. Not enough activity for me to keep paying monthly for nothing. I have built a much bigger following on Etsy, so why start all over again?
The other negative thing I can say is that Artspan will take something like 10% of a sale, when you do have one. So I did post my most high end products on the site, and noticed that most of the jewelry artists are high end jewelers.
I think this site as Artspan could be good for artists, such as painters or sculptors, where the prices of work are in the $100.00's to $1000.00's. Or if your budget allows for a little bit of "play" exposure, this might be for you.
Good site, but not for me.

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(Ri)Charmed said…
That's good to know. I've tried a couple other sites to sell on, but nothing gets the traffic like Etsy and eBay.

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