Snowmen in Paradise~ a book review

A cozy Mystery by Kathi Daley

Tj Jensen is a high school teacher and coach in snowy Serenity, Nevada. As winter Carnival approaches, Tj finds herself very busy between ski and snowboard teams competitions, leading a choir, taking over motherly duties of her two sisters, and then getting involved with a murder investigation of a local sports "would be" Olympic hopeful.
I won this book on Goodreads as a "first read".
I thought it would make for interesting reading, being the climate of winter, and being in a Olympic year. The main character was appealing; there was enough personal informaton to get a feel for her and what she was like.
However, the story lacked strong mystery details. It didn't leave me thinking or guessing, or at the edge of my seat. The other characters; mainly teens and high school students weren't detailed enough to hold my interest. Basically, the story line was good, but overall, just o.k.

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