Post show wrap-up

248 miles and a tank full of gas later-a bust. The Maitland Civic center is a small, dimly lit Rotary club building. A civic center lead me to think of something like a football stadium or something like that. I did not even take photos this time.
They did have over 100 people lined up outside the doors before they opened, and a steady flow of people all day. I had a lot of lookers, touchers, and one girl who bent 3 cuffs almost in half and could have ruined them.
At least I did make back my fee and gas money. But that's it.
I usually stand for an entire show, but about half way through, I decided to sit. Then, when realizing that people were sticker shocked with my prices, I changed my display around; I put out all my lower priced jewelry, and put away my more expensive items, just to see if that would work. Nope! People were more into looking and browsing.
And possibly spending only a few dollars. I talked to a few makers around me that were not doing well either- they were higher end items too.
Not saying all had a bad day. I did over hear one vendor say that she had a great day. Not sure what she was selling though.
I must say that the promoters did a good job with this event. Organized, and lots of press.
Who is this show for? Well, in my opinion, I would say if you make food items, soaps, children items, barrets, bows, pins, paper crafts, vintage items- then this show might be for you. Not the right fit for me. But you never know until you try!

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