Gremlins, fairies, and tricksters

I don't know about you, but I do believe in these little spirits of playful annoyance.
Have you ever been working on something, a project; maybe an art project, or even doing a chore around your home, and a key item just seems to up and disappear?
It seems to happen to me a lot, especially when I'm working to create a piece of jewelry.
I call these little spirits "fairy tricksters". They like to come out and "play" by hiding a piece of metal, or whatever I'm working with, just for a little while. I can almost hear them laughing in the background, "he, he, he!"
I'll be working on a piece of jewelry on my bench, put down a tool, grab something else, and look back for the tool, and it's gone! Where did it go? I set it down right here on the table? I'll look and look, scanning around my work space, until it finally reappears. Has this ever happened to you?
Now I have to admit, I'm pretty good at finding things. I once found a wallet in the middle of a street while driving. I located an earring lost by a co-worker once, while at work. She had no idea where she lost it, and did search around the exam rooms
herself, not to find it. I kinda think I have "hawk eyes".
So, this thing happened, again, last week, while working on this new pair of earrings.

(work in progress)

I was having some trouble getting my flower buds to solder to the discs-I was getting frustrated- and then, I lost one of the little flower buds, almost burned myself with it, and it fell on the floor. Guess who took it?
I scanned and scanned the entire floor. I took a flash light and scanned. I used my hands and scanned. I looked under stuff. I walked away, came back and scanned again, (this sometimes helps). I never did find it. I finally had to cut a new flower in order to complete the earrings.


I may never know where that piece of metal went. I just hope it doesn't end up in one of our cats stomachs!

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Your new earrings are beautiful!
I tend to just lose things on my! I'll walk into a room and set it down and then completely forget where it is!
You'll find that little flower bud at the funniest time :)

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