3 things needed for recovery after an art show

1. Heating pad
2. Extra strength Tylenol

3. Rest
The Suncoast Arts Fest was a well advertised, and well put together show. The sponsors were helpful; the show was well organized; the artists were treated wonderfully; and it seemed to be well attended also.
Now I didn't get a chance to walk the show, but I did get to talk to a number of artists; many from out of town and out of state. We did have beautiful weather. I had an "just average" show.
It's hard to figure out just what people want. I'm not the only one who had the same experience.
On Thursday, I some how managed to pull my back. Just great, I thought, right before a show? I did try "Salonpas", and found them to be helpful along with the Tylenol.

So, a day or two of rest, then it's back to the studio!
BTW: I'll be adding some new work to my Etsy shop and my website soon!

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Gari Anne said…
Oh man, so sorry about your back, that is terrible. Hope it is better now :)

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