Do people really want to work?

For close to a month now, I've been trying to find a way, or source, to move a rather large piece of furniture out my my house and into my mother's house. You think this would be an easy task. Not so. Since it is heavy and bulky, me and my husband doubted that we could lift and move it, nor did we have a big enough vehicle to move it with.
Do you know how hard it is to find a "mover" who will move one piece of furniture? Let me further explain. My first thought was, "who do I know?" I do have a "friend" who has a moving company, but when I talked with them, they could not help. I got suggestions to look on Craig's List, or maybe ask a maintenance man where we live.
We called many movers and found that no one would do such a small move. Every company wanted over $150.00 or $50.00 an hour with a 3 hour minimum (same thing, I know).
My mother offered to pay our maintenance man, who said he would do it on a certain day, with help from the other maintenance man, who then preceded not to come to work for a week. Forget that idea.
We finally found a mover's ad in a local weekly mailing we get. They said that they would do it for $100.00. (I forgot to mention, that my mother lives on the same street as me, and this job would take only about 20 minutes to do.)
The scheduled appointment was made for Friday; they would call on Thursday to confirm. And when they DIDN'T call, we called and they had no recollection about this appointment, and said they would do it Saturday morning at 8:00 am.
Well, they got lost, even though they had GPS- hey, I don't live off in the woods or on a side of a mountain here- finally arrived after 9:30 am, and almost backed their truck into my neighbor's car, by about 5 inches. The piece of furniture did make it safely to my mother's house.
So the question remains: Don't people want to work? Any mover could have taken this job and made a quick $100.00 or so. What do folks do who have small moves? What about elderly folks, who, may be downsizing, or giving stuff away, and on a limited income suppose to do?
This sounds like a business opportunity to me. And yet we have so many people out of work here in this country. We have homeless people right in our back yards. We have families living out of tents, their cars, right here in my own state of Florida, due to corporate downsizing and the current economical state of our nation.
I just don't get it.
We're in trouble here.

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