Work, progress, and Cuban food

Today's post is an update about where I'm at with my jewelry business. One word can sum it up, busy. Which is good. Having had a great show last weekend, I must now create much more needed inventory.
Two of the galleries where I have my jewelry in, want me to come in and bring more items. I am low on inventory in both. I have one appointment this week, and then again in 2 weeks to complete this. Then, I'm looking ahead to fall shows. I plan to do 1 or 2 big shows a month, which should be just enough for me. So I see lots of studio time. Still not enough work to quit my "day" job, but I'm working towards that.
On another note, here is what I cooked for dinner last night. Cuban food. One of my favorites!

Shredded pork, yellow rice and black beans, plantains, and cuban bread. I made mango sticky rice and banana for dessert.
Well, I'm off to start my day. Have a great Monday!

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That's great that you had such an awesome show and the galleries are doing well too! Congrats :)
Your supper looks yummy!

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) Yes, the laser was the best investment I've ever made :)
Paula Parrish said…
Hello Cindy,
I can relate, I have also been a busy bee making inventory {handmade soap} for the fall. I love cuban food, your dinner looks super yummy.
Smiles, Paula

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