The Art of Non-Conformity~ a book review

Tell it like it is. That's just what author Chris Guillebeau does in this book of self-exploration, doing what you love to do, and living the life you want to live. The reader will take a journey with the author as he travels around the world, on a very budget. He shows us how to live freely, break the chains of "the common work day", save money (how about that!), help others, and as the book title says, "change the world".
I like how Guillebeau basically shuns a college education, stating how one can learn much in the world by actually getting out there and doing something. I personally can relate.
He shares on blogging,and strategies to build your own following. And how to make money from blogging and freelance writing.
Then there's travel hacking, working to help others, being useful and leaving a legacy.
I really enjoyed this book, and probably will read it again. It will definately give the reader a boost of confidence to fly free, and not to be afraid to jump without a net.
(Although, as stated by the author, this life may not be for everyone.) Then at least pick up the book and read about it!

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Anonymous said…
Very cool. How did you find it? I will have to check it out. I am always so nervous about "swimming upstream" when it comes to work.
cindy said…
I found this book after reading his second book, the $100.00 Start up.
Blogger said…
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