Preparation day for PAVA Cool Art show

Today's the day to set up my booth inside the Coliseum for this weekend's Cool Art show. Of course I'm excited, and a bit tense, as is my usual right before shows.
I haven't been getting great sleep this past week; up some mornings at 4:00 am.
And I pulled something, or pinched a nerve in my back last week also. It has pained me all week long. So today will be a challenge because I have to put up my tent frame inside and carry tables, etc. I'm hoping there will be some (strong) guys there today, in case I need help. And there usually are helpful, friendly folks at shows.

Here's just a teaser of new items that I'll have available for purchase this weekend.

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Good luck with your show this weekend! Hope your back does okay for the show!
Love the new purple+flower earrings :)
john smith said…
this is nice post.I am impressed at here.Can you more share with me.I will come back as soon.

Thanks for more info.......

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