Next art show: PAVA Cool Art

I'm counting down the days until my next big art show on July 21-22. I'm really excited about this one. A "fine art show". Indoors, in the middle of our hot summer here in Florida; very appealing. This is the group that I belong to, professional association of visual artists (PAVA).

So I'm busy creating lots of new jewelry. Here's a peek at what's going to be available at the show, and soon in my Etsy shop.

That's it for today. BTW: My winner of the rhodonite and smokey quartz necklace giveaway is Laura, from Virginia. Congratulations!

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Mahee Murakonda said…
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I bet this will be a great show! Your pieces deserve to be in a fine art show :) And indoors will be even better!
Very pretty! Indoor show is DEFINITELY a plus.
cindy said…
thank you ladies! I hoping for a good show!

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