The $100 STARTUP~ book review

The $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau
When I first picked this book up, I thought it would be about how to start a small business on little or no money. That was not the case, and in fact, I wasn't sure I would even finish the entire book. But it turned out to be much more.

The $100 Start Up is really an inspiring guide to stepping out on your own, doing what you love, without fear, (your own, or)of what others might say. (You know who I'm talking about, the nay-sayers).

Throughout the book, the author interviews various entrepreneurs in different sectors of businesses. He asks many questions; and business owners are more than happy to share their personal stories.

What kind of threw me back, was the fact that the author talks about creating a business where one can "give back", to which I thought, "how does this apply in my business, as a jewelry designer?" But with further reading and exploration, I understood more.

The author stresses excellent points, such as:giving the customer what they want, connecting with others, and maybe even showing potential customers that you do have what they want!

There are so many helpful insights in this book, that I won't give away here, and encourage anyone who wants to work for themselves, be creative, and be happy to pick this book up and give it a thorough read.

More about the author,Chris Guillebeau, can be found on his web-site: and you can find great free resources on his site:

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I would have thought the same thing you did from the title.
But it sounds like a very motivational book!
Anonymous said…
I've never heard of this book but based on your review, I am definitely interested. Will have to check it out! - Rachel

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