Using color in fashion trends

Do you follow the fashion trends? Every season designers introduce new color schemes for use in fashion, home decor and more.
Pantone, a leading authority on color offers all sorts of ways to express color.
And since summer is already upon us, I thought I'd show Pantone's fall 2012 color collection.
The colors include: (from top to bottom; left to right)
french roast ***************** Bright Chartreuse
honey gold ***************** Olympian blue
pink flambe' ***************** titanium
tangerine tango **************** rhapsody
Ultramarine Green ************** rose smoke

Patone's color of the year is "Tangerine Tango". I like this color. It seems to be a strong color for me. Here's a top from featuring this color.

Sephora is also offering a number of cosmetic products developed with Patone

A collection of color offered at Sehpora.

I also found this color forecast chart from Fire Mountain Gems. You can view it here.

So, do you follow the fashion trends with color? Do you create designs with the color trends in mind? Or do you follow your own path?

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Anonymous said…
I am so checking out the Sephora collectilon. Who knew I was in the fashion curve with my tangerine nails? Haha.
I love that Pink Flambe'! I don't tend to follow the trends,but I love when they choose a color I like :)

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog about going full-time with my business :)
cindy said…
You're so welcome Edi!

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