Why I dislike making necklaces

Why I hate making necklaces, was to be my original title to this post, but I thought it a little bit harsh. I don't really hate making them, I guess I struggle with making them. Here's why:
From the design conception to the finished product, I am usually not happy along the way.
With a piece this big, I usually start out drawing a concept first. It helps to have a visual on paper.
Deciding which beads to use and how to place them. Again sometimes putting things on paper helps. In this case, I knew I would use the large bead as my focal.

Making a one of a kind, unique chain.
First, figuring out how much metal I will need. Then making all the individual links.
It takes alot of time to construct a piece like this. It took me a period of 3 days to work and complete this piece.
Then I struggle with pricing a piece like this. I know when I make a big statement piece like this, it will be expensive, and will take (probably) a long time to sell. To find the right customer for this as well.
Overall, the rewards do come when I have the finished piece and am pleased with it. And I am pleased with this one, but getting there is always a struggle.

Sculpted pendant necklace

These are the new pendants, that I had made the earrings a few posts back, you may remember.

I made a different, simpler necklace here:

And here I am wearing my new pair of earrings and sporting my new short hair cut.

More earrings to follow!

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It's neat to learn more about your process. It takes a lot of prep and time.

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