Monday morning

An educative experience is what I had yesterday at the art show I attended. This was a fine art show, and one of the biggest I've been to. There were artists from all over the country. Beautiful paintings, wood-works, pottery, clothing, jewelry, (very high end jewelry) and even furniture!
I knew of 3 artists who were in this show, and I have never been, so I wanted to check it out, (for future reference for myself as a jewelry artist).
Overall, what I learned was, that after talking with the folks I knew, they were not having much of any sales at all. This seemed to be the trend among 2-D artists. I heard that the jewelry artists were doing well though.
Logistics seemed to be a big problem. Parking was almost impossible; the artists had to park a long way away, and one friend told me that set up was just a pain. It's a beautiful park where it was held, but difficult to get into with all your booth set up stuff, and unload. She said it was almost not worth it, and may not do this show again; even though last year this was a great show for her.
~~~My own thoughts were that it was just too big of a show. I tried to look at it from a customer's perspective, and if I saw a booth that I liked, and maybe wanted to come back to; I would have either forgotten where it was or what I saw there. After about an hour or so, I found that there were just too many booths to see them all and keep track of everything I saw.
Needless to say, I think the city made the most profit. I'll leave it at that.

As promised, here's some more new jewelry I completed over the weekend. Some may be going to a retail gallery later in the week, so if you see something you must have, leave me a note and/or contact info, so I can get back to you. Enjoy!

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Beautiful Work and so original! I am impressed, especially with the copper tone bracelet, WOW!
Art Shows are fun to go to, but not fun to set up at. i help out at the St. Augustine Art Fair, wouldn't mind setting up a booth but there is too much "stuff" to put it politely that isn't that original or creative, keeps people distracted form the truly beautiful stuff just around the corner!
It's always nice to be able to check out a show before you attend as a vendor.
Love that aqua pair of earrings!
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Blogger said…
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