In limbo

I'm feeling like nothing's moving and I'm going nowhere. That's how I've felt about the month of April. Like I'm playing a waiting game. I'm thinking and trying to decide if I should take a full time job. I'm waiting to hear if I have been accepted into 3- no- 4 art shows. There is no movement in my on-line shops,ie: very slow sales. So, I wait, and persevere. I continue to be open to new job opportunities. I don't give up and I keep on trying. I do hate the waiting time to find out about the shows though. Since I do tend to work well with deadlines and under some pressure, I at least like to know, so I can continue to plan. But I am making jewelry and working on my jewelry business on most days. So I am making new things, learning new techniques and building inventory for upcoming shows. I'm thinking that teaching some classes or workshops may also be in my future. I have been asked serveral times if I teach. No photos for today, just my thoughts, as I press on, and continue to grow. I guess it's not really limbo! Do you have your own business? Are you feeling any of these feelings? I'd love some comments!
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Angela said…
Definitely feeling similar. I hadn't had a sale all April (which, though I don't sell very much already, is pretty bad), but checked my Etsy shop last night and sold one thing! :) So maybe this signifies some movement for May. I'm the same with deadlines - when I was creating for Christmas I was a lot more productive. Lately I haven't felt inspired either.

I'm also looking for a full-time job - so good luck to you if that's the route you go. Either way, I'm sure it will work itself out.

I tend to work better on a deadline too. Good luck with your shows!

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