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Here's a preview and a look at my newest project and techniques I've learned.
This first pair of earrings uses fine silver ,fused and forged with special texture hammers. I learned this technique from Janice Berkebile.

You can use this technique to make pendants also, which I will be doing soon.
Then, I used some of the same techniques to make these.

Hand stamped discs with silver "balled up" beads.

The triangular ones are hand cut from copper sheet, and design stamped.
These 2 mixed metal pairs are available to purchase. I will probably add them to my website: http://www.devinedesignsbycindy.com
If you would like either pair, just let me know, and I'll reserve them for you!
I'll be making more with the other style of silver frames, so check back for more!
Happy Saturday!

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Sher said…
I really like the triangle earrings. I love to wear fun jewelry. Beautiful!
Love the first pair! Can't wait to see the pendant too!

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